Cardless Pay

Visa PayWave is a payment method that lets you make every day purchases without having to swipe the magnetic strip on your card, insert into the smart chip reader or provide your signature*. It's faster than fumbling with cash or waiting for change, and it makes checkout easier than ever. All you have to do is Tap & Go™ at the car park entry or exiting at the exitlanes. Visa PayWave has a tiny microchip and radioantenna embedded, enabled to transmit your payment details wirelessly to a high-speed reader at the carpark lanes. The reader then verifies your transaction with your bank through Visa reliable network and indicates approval almost instantly.

Contactless Smartcard Technology

•Most recognisable credit card in the world.•Embedded chip and antenna.
•PET or PVC material.
•Easy to use : no swipe / insert, no pin & use either side. Just “tap” to pay.
•Fast transaction time to public.
•Lower maintenance cost to service providers.

Advantages of Visa PayWave to Car Park Operator

•Convenient for visitor , as most Malaysian / Singaporean motorist have Visa Credit Cards or Visa Debit Cards.
•Eliminating inconvenience to visitor to look for loose change or replacement of soiled or damaged banknotes rejected at payment machine.
•Faster entry / exit ,thus creating less jam at entrance / exit
•Less queue at Autopay Machine or at cashier stations.
•Less wear & tear , thus lower the cost of maintenance topayment machine / equipment.
•Less printed tickets usage. Savings in Cost. •Bettercontrol on cash collection , less cash to handle.
•Next day payment by PayWhiz to Car Park Operator .( Refer to EPS Flow below)

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