Car Parking Guidance

       Your “Search Engine” of Car Park are Singapore Changi Airport, China Central Television, Shanghai IFC,Wal-mart Asia Head Office, Robinson Shopping Center Choose Park Assist Asia as their supplier

             IP Cameras

                          IP camera at every parking space take real time photos & video on the parking space and then forward the relevant parking space info(parking time, car license plate No. etc) to server.

  • The LED Indicator that built in the IP camera
  • IP camera will switch from Green/ Blue color to red color to tell the driver the relevant parking space is occupied
  • 800K pixel、1.3megapixel for choice
  • Accuracy rate more than 99%
  • With built-in LED Indicator, cut installation time 50%


                             The KIOSK that with built-in “Find your car” application will be installed nearby the Escalator,Elevator and stairs, helping driver. Find their car by simply inputting their license No on the KIOSK

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Step 4

The KIOSK not only an inquiry machine, but also an advertisement platform , The car park owner can choose to rent this advertisement space or do advertisement for themselves

          Parking Manager

                      Monitor the Real-time video or replay the video of each parking space accordingly to their need , this function will be widely used in collect evidence of scratched car, vehicle theft etc

          Park Assist Asia management software

                      Help the parking owner get the real time parking information of the whole car park , the data will including the car park utilization rate, vehicle flow rate and occupied time etc

                                                               Through Web based software, the parking lots operator can manage their parking lots any time anywhere that connect to the internet