Touch ‘n Go Contactless Smartcard Technology

• Embedded chip and antenna.
• PET material more robust then PVC used for ATM/credit cards.
• Easy to use : no swipe/insert, no pin & use either side.
• Fast transaction time to public.
• Lower maintenance cost to service providers.

Advantages of Touch ‘n Go to Car Park Operator

•Convenient for visitor , as most Klang Valley motorist have Touch n Go card.
•Eliminating inconvenience to visitor to look for loose change or replacement of soiled or damaged banknotes rejected at payment machine.
•Faster entry / exit ,thus creating less jam at entrance / exit.
•Less queue at Autopay Machine or at cashier stations.
•Less wear & tear , thus lower the cost of maintenance topayment machine / equipment.
•Less printed tickets usage. Savings in Cost.
•Bettercontrol on cash collection , less cash to handle.
•Next day payment by Touch ‘n Go to Car Park Operator .( Refer to EPS Flow below)

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