Park Assist Asia Sdn. Bhd

          A well-known company with the best sales of Parking Guidance System in Asia.Singapore Changi Airport, Poland Krakow Airport, Saudi Arabia King Fahad Medical City,Walmart Asia Head Office.More than 1000 car park in over 40 countries are using Park Assist PGS Solution.

Benefits of PGS

          PGS have been proven to cut the customer's time-to-park in half and result in a 3‐5% rise in visits. Simply put, the easier it is for customers to visit, the more customers will want to return again and again

  • Driver: Reduced time looking for parking, and reduced frustration
  • Venue Operators: Increase in patronage, and customer satisfaction
  • Parking Operators: Increased space occupancy, and increased revenue
  • Environmental: Reduced air pollution, reduced congestion, reduced illegal parking

Key components of PGS

  • CCU: Central Control Units
  • ZCU: Zone Control Units
  • UD: Ultrasonic Detector
  • LED Indicator: Red/Green Led Indicator
  • LED screen: Outdoor/Indoor LED screen

How it works

                        The Intelligent Parking Guidance system guides the motorist from the roads around the facility, through the process of selecting which parking area to use, to the floor with available parking, then to the aisle with the available parking, and finally to the empty parking bay.

Information at the entrance near by the parking facility – Informs drivers of the parking conditions in each parking garage
Guide-Outdoor led display show real-time data at every decision point and Indicate to which level drivers should proceed
Show-Indoor led display keep traffic flowing through the garage and inform the motorist on every point of decision.

By Using the Parking Space Detector and LED Indicator, motorist can easily indicated to an open bay Green – Vacant Red – Occupied Blue: Reserved for disabled

Individual Parking Space sensors and led indicator, the motorist can easily indicated to an open bay. When occupied, the led indicator installed at the font of the parking space will in red color, otherwise it will keep in Green Color

Assist Parking Space Detector and LED Indicator

Parking Manager

                   Monitor the Real-time video or replay the video of each parking space accordingly to their need , this function will be widely used in collect evidence of scratched car, vehicle theft etc