Our Quality

          The security level of the sliding boom gates can be very high. Our automated boom gates up to 6 metres are 100% duty cycle. We do not sell cheap boom gates as our clients are commercial, industrial and government with sites that require reliable performance and ongoing service. Beware of cheap boom gates in the market as many are sourced directly from OS and installers will not carry parts. We manufacture Vehicle and Pedestrian Access Control Equipment, High Security and Anti-Terror security products.

Our variety of Boom Gates includes

  • Vertical Boom
    • Auto Boom Gate 12 mtr Arm
    • Auto Boom Gate 3-6 mtr Arm
    • Automated Chain Gate
    • Manual Boom Gate
    • Security Manual Boom Gate
    • Solar Boom Gate
  • Swing Boom
    • Dual Swing Arm
    • Manual Double Swing Gate
    • Single Swing Arm Gate
    • Single Swing Gate
  • Sliding Boom
    • Industrial Sliding Boom Gate
    • Security Sliding Boom GateSolar Boom Gate